Maysa Larson gets around the defense

MayPort-CG sophomore Maysa Larson attempts to get around the defense of Northern Cass junior guard HalleCrockett in their Dec. 16 matchup in Mayville. MPCG led 17-7 after one quarter but the Jaguars rallied for a 57-48 win.

MAYVILLE – MayPort-CG head coach Sean Moore couldn’t have asked for a better first quarter from his club against Northern Cass on Thursday, Dec. 16.

The Patriots came out firing on all cylinders against the Jaguars, catapulting to a 17-7 lead behind a dominant start by sophomore Rylee Satrom, who scored 10 of her 23 points in the opening quarter.

But MPCG couldn’t sustain its first-quarter momentum.

The Patriots caught an ill-timed turnover bug from the Jags’ full-course press and spent most of the second half without Satrom, who suffered an ankle sprain, before falling to Northern Cass 57-48.

Moore said the first quarter of the Dec. 16 matchup may be the best his club has played in two years.

But he expressed disappointment that Patriots couldn’t keep the pedal down the remainder of the game.

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