Neil Nelson New

Neil Nelson

Before smartphones and computers and tabletop fax transmitting machines, we had landline telephones that anchored desks, tables and walls for the better part of a century. 

Technology-driven smartphones and computers have become more sophisticated, matching the space program’s race into cyberspace, while today’s landline phones have lifted off the wall and desk, graduating from the accustomed black, ivory and horrendous pink phones with rotary dials to models of every color imaginable, in addition to cordless phones, which, when they first came out, I remember asking, how can this work? 

I said the same thing about fax machines and computers. I’ve accepted the fact that smartphones are smarter than me; still, I use mine often unabashedly during the course of the day. Fact is, I don’t know where I’d be without my smartphone. 

Lost, bewildered, forlorn. 

Where’s my dictionary when I need it? 

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