Neil O. Nelson

A fellow I knew in high school, David Grant, son of the superintendent, who later became an academic himself and who’s lived a lifetime in Australia, likes my style of writing. 

I always liked David. 

David appreciates good journalists, men and women who over the years have cultivated a sophisticated style of writing and who still have a soapbox, ie, respected newspapers with large and knowing readerships. 

David doesn’t necessarily see me in that vaunted echelon of scribes, but I suspect his fears are that of mine: the country is losing its sense of community, the soul of our communities, and the last bastion of people capable of addressing this catastrophic development is, of course, journalists, whether they’re reporters, editors, writers or columnists. 

Unfortunately, the disappearing acts of journalists today rivals those of travel agents, lumberjacks, jewelers, printers and cashiers. 

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