Dear Editor,

The District 20 Republican Committee held their endorsement convention on Sunday, Feb. 27. 

I would like to say thank you to the committee for endorsing me for the North Dakota House of Representatives on the Republican ticket. 

District 20 has grown, but the needs of our district haven’t changed.

In 2020, I ran on supporting agriculture, infrastructure (roads, bridges and broadband access) and education. 

I feel that I was successful in these areas, passing meaningful legislation that increases access to capital through grants, low-interest loans or interest rate buy-downs for entities that add value and diversification to our agriculture sector. 

Major flood protection projects were funded through low-interest bond rates, and federal dollars were utilized to help build out natural gas infrastructure across the northern tier of the state. 

We also created an alternative educational opportunity for our high school students to gain “real-world” experience outside the classroom while getting credits for their work. 

I also secured funding for Mayville State University to add natural gas boilers for more efficient heating on campus, which was also a win for the region because it helped the natural gas pipeline to be built in District 20.

I am asking for your vote in the primary on June 14 so that I can continue building on the work I’ve started to strengthen the relationships for our communities and advocate for District 20 and the great state of North Dakota.  


Jared Hagert,

District 20 (R-Emerado)