Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter on behalf of our team at Riverwalk Development.

We want to thank the people and business owners of Hillsboro and the surrounding area that came to the March 1 Hillsboro City Commission meeting to give support for our housing development.

We were overwhelmed with the support that you gave engineer Jon Lowry and myself.

Second, I would like to thank Gary Nysveen of the Hillsboro Economic Development Corp. for putting up with me all day Friday before the commission meeting as we drove around the city of Hillsboro visiting with local business owners to ask for their support.

Gary’s representation of the HEDC was top shelf and gave an excellent presentation to the local businesses we visited that day.

Third, I want to thank Traill County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Jim Murphy for the excellent work he did getting the numbers together for the commission meeting that night and showing how Hillsboro’s growth has almost been nonexistent for the past 10 years.

Fourth, I want to thank Dr. Chuck Breen and former mayor Mark Forseth for their positive comments that night and putting their support behind the 50 percent letter of credit with the city of Hillsboro.

Fifth, thank you to the Hillsboro City Commission for your yes vote to support the developer’s agreement with Riverwalk and in seeing our vision of a new, healthy and active lifestyle that this development will help bring in with new young families to the city of Hillsboro.

With that said, although we have put together a dream team of engineers, real estate agents and marketing professionals to promote the city of Hillsboro to sell these Riverwalk lots, we still need the support of local businesses and the people of Hillsboro to help support the project.

Please check out our website ( or follow us on Facebook or other social media outlets and help us promote Riverwalk.

Remember, Riverewalk is not a TIF (tax-increment financing) housing development so the faster we can get lots sold, the faster the city of Hillsboro can start collecting tax revenue and get it in the hands of our local school, hospital, ambulance squad, police force and the city infrastructure.

In closing, I have to say I have never been to a city commission meeting where I heard such an outpouring of applause from the people and business owners in the audience that night when they heard the final yes vote to approve the 50/50 partnership.

I can’t say enough how that made Jon and I feel. As we walked out of the meeting, I congratulated Jon on an excellent presentation but in the same breath said “And now it’s time to go to work.” We are excited to get started.

Thank you,

Pat Muller

President, Riverwalk Development