Dear Editor,

Something happened recently that left me feeling unappreciated.

It’s not a very good feeling, although at my age, it usually just makes you sad.

I was thinking about that while out playing golf in town last week.

In all the decades that I’ve been golfing, never, and I mean never, have I been on a course as lush and pristine as the Goose River Golf Course has been the last few weeks.

Sure, Jesus finally decided to help out in the last month. (He probably got tired of counting votes in Arizona.)

But a lot of hard work by the whole crew over a drought summer laid the groundwork for the amazing shape the course is in today.

We’ve always had great hired workers at the course, but volunteers have played just as important a role. 

Everyone knows Tim Lee has been a tireless volunteer for well over a decade out there, it’s been his second home.

And there was a time I couldn’t go out without seeing Mike Crocker doing one thing or another.

And there are and have been so many others helping, whether it was cleaning up tons of mud from spring flooding or helping with storm cleanup, and countless other tasks.

Volunteering started when the course was built.

Earl Halverson laid the course out, and he and some buddies ramrodded the construction.

As a kid, I remember twice coming to little league baseball practice and seeing Buck Jeffers drive up in his gravel truck.  

Coach Beyer, (it must have been his first or second year in Hillsboro), had us all climb on the truck, and we would spend the next two hours picking up broken bricks from the old brick factory, in what is now the southeast corner of the golf course.

Apparently Ed did the volunteering and we kids were the beneficiaries. 

As the trees grew, the course didn’t change much. A couple sand traps were put in and removed because water sat, not to mention the sand wasn’t the nice powder kind you should have and would get hard as a rock when it did dry out.

Then over the years, improvements were made, with irrigation, drainage, tee boxes, and with aging trees, constant maintenance, and a significant share of the work was done by volunteers, and these past weeks once again, it’s paid off in spades. 

There have been times I’ve made some offhand remark about some improvement at the course, but today I want to make a special point of thanking all those who have and continue to contribute so much to making Goose River one of the very best courses in the entire region.

We who golf notice, and we appreciate you and all you do. Thank you!

Finally, imagine drawing a circle around the little town of Hillsboro. Then think about all the amazing things that are going on all the time inside that circle.  

People contributing time or talent, donating, paying memberships, or just attending events.

Let’s remember to thank them all and let them know they are appreciated.

Then they won’t be, you know, sad.

Now, I wonder if we could build a glass dome over that golf course.

Glenn Dahlstrom