Cole Short

Cole Short

It’s sometimes difficult for journalists to be part of their communities.

In general, I try not to get too buddy-buddy with the people I’m covering.

But, every now and then, I set aside the laptop and camera and pretend I’m a real person.

I was camped out on the baseline in the Northwood High School gym for Hatton-Northwood’s basketball doubleheader against MayPort-CG Jan. 23 when I spotted Maddie Thorsgard.

Thorsgard and I hadn’t met, but I glanced to my left and saw the 12-year-old Hatton girl taking photos with a kit camera, one you’d typically buy off a shelf at Best Buy.

She seemed to be taking her work seriously, so I didn’t bother her at first.

But I scooted over during a break in the action and asked if she was shooting a particular player.

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