Dear Editor,

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me over the past week and those that responded to me about the Riverwalk Development.  

Through my discussion with many of you, you agreed that we need to grow Hillsboro. 

The risk to the city from the Riverwalk Development caused uneasiness.

 I want to let you know what changed my mind about why this would be an acceptable risk, as I believe it may help with your thoughts as well.

 For me, it came down to the investor’s heart and passion.

He displayed to myself and those at our commission meeting that Riverwalk is not going to fail.

The developers have invested their own money into the project, a risk they feel is worth it. That shows they believe in the Hillsboro Community’s potential, as do I. 

This project will succeed if we all work and come together to make this happen.

After listening to civil engineer Jon Lowry Monday night, I am sure this will happen.

The city will have about eight years of payments on the bond before any outside funds would be needed.

In that time, the city can sell the lots to ensure residents are not at risk.

With this being said, our bet is low. Hillsboro is a great community to live in.

Let’s show others why that is and why they should be part of the Hillsboro community.


Levi Reese

Hillsboro City Commission