Neil O. Nelson

Semantics are of little use to a blind man.

But it’s worth a try.

There are degrees of blindness, or percentages of remaining sight – 80, 60, 40, 20 percent, pick a number.

If a person can see out of one eye and not the other, is he blind? He is if he closes his one good eye. What if the vision in his one good eye is impaired? How blind is this poor fellow?

Blind as a bat.

Personally, I’m betting a bat’s vision is better than mine. Day or night.

Back to the matter at hand: For the record, wearing an eye patch and glasses has its challenges.

Are we clear on this?


Anyway, that’s me, in the photo above. Impaired vision in left eye, blind in the right eye.

I’ve considered wearing an eye patch, if for no other reason than it might offer an explanation as to my erratic and unexplained behavior: “Check that guy out. He just walked into a light pole.”

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