Neil O. Nelson

Who’s getting what from the Easter Bunny this year?

That’s the burning question on the table.

Trust me on this, people in the know want to know what devilish trickery the Easter Bunny could be up to, this being Easter week, and all.

For President Joe Biden, the Easter Bunny is dropping off Doctor Deborah Birx’s telephone number.

Birx was Trump’s COVID-19 coordinator. She’s got some dope on the former president that will crack Trump’s Easter eggs and color Biden’s Easter weekend a pretty pink.

Birx’s revelations are a little late, but Joe could use her number anyway, considering there might be another COVID-19 surge ready to break loose.

The Easter Bunny’s making sure Dr. Anthony Fauci is close by, too; he booked a room in the White House for the country’s top expert on the coronavirus and COVID-19.

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