Neil O. Nelson

It was pretty quiet this week in the Little Village, were all the men drive Ford pickups, all the women stay pretty much in the kitchen and all the children are enrolled in summer Bible school.

Being Little Forks is mostly Norwegian and Lutheran, summer Bible school is expected, even for the hooligans, whose parents aren’t Lutheran, but whose kids are always, it seems, in some kind of trouble.

Not because they’re not Lutheran are they always in some kind of trouble; it’s their nature, the parents say.

“Mischievous, have been ever since they could walk.”

“Troublemakers,” say their Sunday School teacher, Miss Bertrum Bergie, childless herself, but with a host of nephews and nieces, on account of her big family, four brothers and three sisters, all married, in fact, all but Bertrum, which is a German name for boys, but the Bergies plumb ran out of names by the time she was born and Bertrum sounded good at the time, so Bertrum it was.

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