Ashley Spinks got fired three days before her wedding. The 26-year-old former managing editor of The Floyd Press in Floyd County, Va., was given the ax by her bosses at Lee Enterprises, one of the nation’s largest corporate newspaper chains, on Oct. 13.

The dismissal came five days after Virginia radio station WVTF printed a story chronicling how Spinks was coping as a one-person newsroom amid ongoing cuts by her corporate overlords.

Spinks didn’t come out guns blazing against her former bosses in the article, but her frankness appeared to be more than Lee Enterprises, which owns the Bismarck Tribune, could take.

How penny-pinching were her bosses?

After being furloughed this spring for two weeks – which to be fair isn’t uncommon in the age of coronavirus – Spinks was told earlier this year that the newspaper’s email storage had been cut. She had to spend hours deleting old emails to access her inbox.

Spinks told WVTF that Lee Enterprises had slashed her freelance budget, which allowed her to pay contributors for a handful of stories to fill the weekly paper every month.

Spinks got a call less than 24 hours before The Floyd Press went to press, and 72 hours before her wedding, telling her that her services were no longer required.

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