Neil Nelson New

Neil Nelson

Real men wear ball caps. 

Here’s the deal. Not just former athletes wear ball caps. Movers and shakers, corporate officers and low-level office workers, tidy white executives and white and nerdy professors, professionals at every level, in addition to ditch diggers, ministers and mechanics, bankers, bakers and bookkeepers, plumbers and photographers, every man worth his salt wears a ball cap. 

Most have collections they’re extremely proud of. Boast of at every opportunity. 

Pity the poor woman who hates caps, doesn’t like them on her man, never has, never will, but still must live with the contemptible and often scurvy collection. 

Women hate ball caps, all I’m saying. 

They might have reason. The damn caps are on every hook in the house, in every room and closet. 

There’s a cap for every occasion. A different cap for every NFL, NBA and MLB professional team. Every insurance firm and bank, seed, feed and fertilizer company, garage and car dealership – they all have their caps personalized, each stitched or emblazoned with their brand name. 

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