Neil O. Nelson

It’s called Dupuytren’s contracture.

I call it the Bent Finger Syndrom (BFS).

It’s a progressive disorder of the hand where generally the third finger (ringer finger) or the little finger are pulled back into the palm of the hand.

It’s origin is unknown, but scientists in some circles blame the Norseman.

Most theorists, however, simply say it started with the white males of northern European ancestry.

The disease’s name is credited to a German physician who first operated on a person’s hand afflicted with the disease a century later. The dude’s name was Dupuytren.

I’m the dude who penned the phrase Bent Finger Syndrome.

Ol’ Dupuytren, once he opened the palm with a bent finger, discovered how the muscles in the palm and wrist were pulling the finger back to “home base,” is how I like to reference it.

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