Neil O. Nelson

The July 4 parade in the Little Village was always one of the highlights on the year, bigger than Memorial Day and Labor Day combined and nearly as big as the St. John Lutheran Church Women Christmas program. 

The July 4 parade was an annual event; still, it wasn’t without its hiccups, never serious enough to cancel the heralded event, you understand, but on July 4, 1975, there was reason enough to consider the possibility. 

Everything was roses and lollypops along the 1975 parade route until Norman Ingvick rounded the corner by City Hall, driving a Camaro with Sanford Leland in the back. 

Every year, Sanford, who had absconded a mosquito fogger from the city street department something like 10 years earlier, used his adapted stream-shooting fogger to spray the kids along the parade route with ice cold water. 

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