The City of Halstad, Minn. would like to create a community education and recreation center that provides programs and opportunities that support and build health, knowledge, skills and character for all ages and stages of life while utilizing cross-generational involvement and community strengths to meet communities needs.  

To assist with these goals, the City of Halstad has completed different grants and is in the process of other grants to bring education opportunities and recreation events along with a place for the communities to gather back into the former Norman County West High School building.  

The building is being called the Landmark; it has been a landmark in the past and we hope to continue to utilize the building as a landmark for the surrounding communities and Halstad.  

Currently the Landmark is conducting a survey to better guide the needs and wants of the surrounding communities and the best way to serve and provide opportunities for these communities.  

You can find the survey on the Landmark Halstad Facebook page and on the website.  

The more information and ideas are shared, the more chance of success – not only for the building, but also for the communities and the citizens.  

We are searching for what is the greatest good for all and how to best provide what is needed for all ages in the communities.   

All completed surveys are appreciated.  

Landmark completed a grant to the Shock and Awe Program of Norman County and was awarded $2,500 to support summer recreation for youth, purchase equipment and provide opportunities for youth to sample different activities.  

In the future years Landmark would like to partner with Special Olympics for inclusive and adoptive programs.  

The City of Halstad and Landmark thank the Shock and Awe program for their dedication to addressing the changing needs of our community in an innovative and ever-transforming society. 

The youth and parents have had a great time participating in events. 

Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Events that have been completed are a family kickball game; the parents had just as much fun as the kids! 

Make Halstad Home Plate night disc golf was provided for youth and families to try out and promote the local disc golf course in Halstad.  

Volleyball and football night was open for the older youth to support the younger youth in their skills and spark excitement in the upcoming seasons. 

Family Night schedule of events are held on Tuesday nights in August. 

Events still to come are:

n Aug. 16 – We will play soccer. We can play outside or in the gym, depending on the weather.  

Youth and adults can try some new skills and play a game or two. 

n Aug. 23 – ART night. Come and paint some “Sweet Rocks” to spread around your town! 

Being kind matters and so does being “sweet like a beet.” 

Come and paint rocks of all sizes and spread them around your town to remind everyone it matters to be kind and sweet.  

n Aug. 30 – Back to school fun night, including fun games and activities for everyone to play. Fun is for all ages! 

Future events and activities will be planned by utilizing the survey results, talented volunteers from the community and support from the City of Halstad.  

In the future there will be community education classes for all ages, after-school events, special holiday events and fundraising events, along with league and tournament events.  

Keep an eye out on the Landmark Halstad Facebook page for all the upcoming events and information. 

Success will take dedication and engagement from the community members along with our dedication and engagement FOR the community members.  

The Landmark is for the citizens and the communities. 

For more information, questions, or suggestions please contact me at 218-456-2128.


Trish Schilling

Landmark – City of Halstad