Dear Editor,

My wife Marilyn and I were residents of Traill County for 30 years, where we were educators and leaders in various organizations. 

We loved living in Traill County where our three children were able to thrive in the small-town atmosphere. We currently live in Fargo.

During this past year, our family had a significant amount of medical expenses that consumed a large amount of our fixed income. 

We are concerned about the high cost of prescription drugs and urge everyone who shares this concern to contact your recently elected legislators regarding this critical issue.

Currently there are several bills in the North Dakota Legislature that deal with attempting to lower or contain prescription drug costs.

As most of you are aware, many prescription drugs that we purchase in our country can be obtained from other countries at tremendously lower cost than we pay here.

If you have concerns about the costs of prescription drugs, please contact your local legislators as soon as possible.

Their names and email addresses are Sen. Randy Lemm (, Rep. Mike Beltz ( and Rep. Jared Hagert (


Michael and Marilyn Worner