Dear Editor:

Looking back at the last dozen years as a North Dakota legislator, how did I get here? I’ve done a lot of things in this life, teaching, farming, organizing and legislating.

While doing that, I’ve also served on numerous boards, committees, councils and commissions starting way back in high school.

Thank you to the people of District 20 for trusting me to represent you these past 12 years. 

People still ask about the D20 legislators who came before me. I had some big shoes to fill. I’ll miss the many friends I’ve made here in District 20 and all over the state, not just other legislators, but also the scores of people who work with the many entities that deliver services to the people of our state.

For the first time in about 30 years, District 20 has six candidates running for three spots in the Legislature who, except one who joined the last month of the 2019 session, are seeking to become first-time members of the state House and Senate.

Because of COVID-19, the 2021 session will be vastly different. As one might expect, I am supporting the three candidates on the Dem-NPL ticket, Paul Hanson, John Pederson and Zack Blotsky.

What are the issues that matter as you determine who should be speaking for you as legislation is proposed and voted on?

Does the candidate have the background and experience that will support maintaining our rural health care system, including our nursing home facilities?

Does the candidate support health care that cares about everyone, even those with pre-existing conditions?

Will the candidate support adequate funding for our public schools and our colleges while keeping taxes fair and balanced?

We have Mayville State in our district, but North Dakota State and the University of North Dakota are close by.

Will the candidate work hard to maintain state support for our transportation system that is vitally important for our agriculture producers and those many companies who work with our farmers?

Which candidates will listen to local needs and not be influenced by those who do not recognize the uniqueness of our rural district that lies between two of our largest cities in North Dakota?

I believe that all six of the candidates are good people, but know that Hanson, Pederson and Blotsky have the background, knowledge and experience that will best represent the people of this district.

Send them to Bismarck and you won’t be disappointed.

Rep. Rick Holman