Neil O. Nelson

My 4-year-old granddaughter crawled on my lap, studied my face and – just when I expected her to say something like “Grandpa, your hair is all gray” or “Grandpa, your mustache is funny” – she smiled and in a deadpan voice said, “I like your glasses.”

The observations of children are priceless.

More so and just when I was prepared to comment on COVID’s delta variant surge on the home front and the desperate surge of refugees attempting to escape Afghanistan, a country gripped by panic and overrun by extremists, my precious granddaughter saves the day.

 “Here’s your afghan,” she says. “We’re going to watch my favorite cartoon on TV now. No news, OK?”

Sure, I said.

Seriously, closer to my computer than the TV, I was ready to comment on today’s immensely complicated world, starting with Afghanistan, the longest war in this nation’s history that’s coming to and all-too-familiar futile and costly end.

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