Dear Editor:

We admire the efficiencies of today’s farmers. 

At cafes we are anxious to hear of planting and harvest progress.

Last fall’s harvest was exceptionally difficult. 

There was a trifecta of horrible weather, miserable prices and crop quality problems.

I felt the pain of dozens of farmers as I visited Northwest Minnesota and North Dakota. 

Beyond the operational phase of farming, there is another aspect to success on the farms: effective policies and governance in the state Legislature. 

Whether it was lending scientific guidance to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture for a reasonable Dicamba broad-spectrum herbicide (which was in danger of being banded) policy or advocating for safe transportation of North Dakota oil in rail cars, I was there.

At the medical school, we were faced with an immensely complicated problem of decommissioning a radioactive facility that involved interacting with state and national agencies. 

When the crop season is finished, a proven and strong leadership in the North Dakota Senate is needed. 


Paul R. Hanson


(Hanson is running for District 20 Senate)