Neil O. Nelson

A year ago, I was lamenting at how long my hair was getting, the weight I was gaining and the uncomfortable situations I was experiencing with being home 24/7 with the Baker/DA.

All because of the coronavirus scare and the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the country.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting the many trials and tribulations experienced from working at home when I agreed to be self-quarantined.

Trying to abide by the parameters adopted in defense of the coronavirus, I’m guessing I was one of many who fell victim to the cohabiting characteristics of a COVID captive.

So enthralled by the suggestions given, rather than being scared of the dangers presented by the coronavirus, I bought into the program hook, line and sinker.

I stayed masked every waking hour. I distanced myself from everyone else, including the Baker/DA, and I worked from home religiously, godlike almost, defying all outside temptations or inducements to change my ways.

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