I shy away from public speaking.

My hands get sweaty and my pulse races when I stand in front of a room full of people.

Despite that anxiety, I considered grabbing the mic inside the press box Oct. 9 in LaMoure, N.D., to address the home crowd cheering on the Loboes’ 9-man football team.

My plan?

Offer $10,000 to everyone in the crowd who was wearing a mask.

If my math is right, the announcement would have cost me ... approximately zero dollars.

As a sports fan, it’s sad to see those seasons come to an end, especially for head coach Scott Olsen’s defending state championship football team, which had hoped to return to this year’s Dakota Bowl.

But, quite honestly, fans and everyone on the team should be happy we had a season at all.

The threat of the coronavirus loomed large across the state’s high school sports landscape this fall.

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