Dear Editor: 

I am writing today on two issues: campaigning and North Dakota health policy and funding.

To the beleaguered citizens of District 20, weary of a long campaign, you are not alone! 

District 20 has been the focus of much attention because everybody is new to being elected.

So the candidates as well as the parties see this as an opportunity.

This in and of itself is not the issue I wish to raise.

The way campaigns have been waged is.

I do not believe in negative campaigning and do not condone, nor have I perpetuated it in any of the materials for which I am responsible.

As President Lincoln said, “You don’t make yourself taller by standing on someone else.” 

Candidates should run on their experience, qualities and vision for the future.

Most important is to represent you as effectively as possible.

The second issue stems from one of the attack mailers sent to some of you.

The claim is that I as well as my running mates will basically destroy health care in District 20 and the country as a whole. 

Personally I didn’t know a state representative had that kind of power.

Let’s turn a negative into a positive by presenting you some facts.

First, I have never made any comments either verbally or in writing that in any way match the accusations.

Second, since I’m not an incumbent, I have not voted on anything in a way I’ve been accused.

Third, I’m not even guilty by association.

The facts are the Republican-controlled Legislature passed Medicaid expansion in this state, without which rural hospitals would be in much worse shape.

According to the Office of Management and Budget, investment in major Medicaid has increased in the categories of nursing facilities, for the developmentally disabled and hospitals.

Physicians’ reimbursements have gone down because an error in compensation was fixed. In closing, please vote on Tuesday if you haven’t already done so.


Mike Beltz


(Beltz is a candidate in the District 20 House race.)