Neil O. Nelson

Watching the Olympics on television and falling asleep only to wake up to “The Hunger Games,” I had to admit I was a little startled.

The Olympic Games have come a long way, I surmised in my drowsy state.

Life and death chariot racing, bow hunting with armed human targets.

Good grief, what next, surviving in the wild with nothing but a bottle of water, crackers, beef strips and a pair of night glasses?

Fortunately, I fell back asleep. My last memory of the 2021 Olympic Games before waking up the next morning was of Jennifer Lawrence sitting cross-legged on a bed larger than a badminton court watching a wide screen TV of her own Olympiad events.

I gotta see more of this, I said before nodding off.

Good thing I woke up to NBC. Ahh yes, this is a more like it. Simone Biles and Company.

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