Dear Editor,

The North Dakota GOP has decided to take a real good look at Communist ideology when having district meetings.

Robert’s Rules of Order and their own by-laws are being suspended, meetings aren’t being announced and/or are limiting people’s ability to attend, false dates are being advertised and meetings are being held in “private” so favored candidates will not face opposition and difficult questions will not be asked. 

When district heads are contacted by phone or text/email regarding meetings, there are either no replies or they “don’t know yet.” 

There is a dark side to North Dakota politics, and the GOP is NOT above it. In fact, they are involved right up to their eyeballs. 

Do your research before you vote simply by reflex. Ask tough questions before you donate as usual. Watch how they vote, and not what they say. 

They are supposed to represent YOU. They are representing THEMSELVES.

You are being played.


Kit Brenan

Kelso, N.D.