Neil Nelson New

Neil Nelson

Early in my career I was often checking my coloring, skin texture and scalp. 

Living a largely sedentary lifestyle, I was afraid I was turning into a houseplant.  

You need some water, lots of water and some sunshine. 

Later in my career, an employee profiling consultant told me I was an interesting study. A complicated but interesting study. Recruiting perfect candidates, he was quantifying my qualitative abilities. 

Good luck, I said. 

“That’s the downside; you have the communication skills of a fencepost.” 

Quantify many fenceposts lately? I asked. 

My downside quantified in bundles, according to the profiler. 

On the upside, I was told I was a perfectionist. A maverick, but a perfectionist. 

 “Trouble is, you expect the same of others, prefer working alone, need little direction, management or supervision, but, at the same time, you have little time for budgets, costs or expenditures. That’s the picture we have of you. That and your age. It’s not encouraging.” 

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