Neil O. Nelson

Blame it on Morocco. 

A sudden warming over the North Pole caused by a blast of hot air over Morocco split the polar vortex, causing the jet stream to drift south, giving parts of the United States a taste of some nasty weather lately. I have this on good authority. 

Well, thank you, Morocco. 

I’m not going to throw recent arctic freeze-worthy numbers or snow depths at you, the kind we experienced in November and December; you’ve heard them repeated enough this winter. 

On a positive note, the cold and snow are keeping the riffraff out. 

Again, I have this on good authority. 

But the cold and snow haven’t kept the cowboys in Montana from leaving for New Mexico, where blue corn pancakes and chili peppers are celebrated year-round. Intrigued by the blue corn pancakes, Montana’s sheep are following in the footsteps of the cowboys. 

Coyotes in North Dakota have retreated to Nebraska, known for football and the original version of the reuben sandwich. The coyotes could care less care; it’s warmer there than here. 

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