Neil O. Nelson

President Biden created a firestorm when he fist-bumped Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia a couple of weeks ago. 

The causal meet and greet raised more than a few eyebrows, thanks to the immediacy of today’s social media. 

FOX News had a heyday with the fist bump heard around the world. The publisher of the Washington Post got in the middle of the fray, too, calling it “shameful.” 

Biden laughed off the backlash much like he shrugged off the fist bump, despite the outrage it sparked. 

I can relate as I had a few religious zealots take me to task when word got out that I shared a fist bump with a Catholic priest. In a Catholic church, no less. 

“You did what? Are you crazy?” 

I attempted to defer blame when I explained how the priest instigated the fist bump. I expect the good priest was called on the carpet, as well. Apparently, some in his church were significantly enraged. 

“You did what? Are you crazy?” 

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