Neil Nelson New

Neil Nelson


Back in the day, when newspapers were printed in the back shop of newspaper offices everywhere, publishers lost sleep, became harried and lost hair when winter blizzards swept into town, closing businesses, offices and the school. 

But not the newspaper. The paper still had to get out. 

Copy had to be written and set, ads and pages laid out and the paper printed, addressed, bundled, bagged and delivered to the post office. Come hell or 10-foot-high snow drifts. 

The publisher needed his editor and typesetter, ad man and pressman in the office and shop, especially on the morning the day the paper came out, no matter how unaccommodating the conditions were outside.  

“Get the paper to the post office. I don’t care if you can’t see your hand in front of your face.” 

Readers would be waiting at the post office, no matter if the town was snowed in, visibility zero, roads blocked, travel unadvised and the school closed. 

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