Dear Editor, 

This past week, Traill County residents witnessed enormous deterioration to rural roads due to heavy precipitation. Likewise, the Traill County commission held public meetings to explain upcoming funding the repair of these roads.

In 2014, voters approved a mill levy dedicated to road, bridge repair, culverts and paved roads. Now, because of state law, voters again will be asked to continue this mill levy. There is a mandatory 10 year affirmation of any mill levy over 10 mills. 

It is important to understand that this is a continuation of the current mill levy. And not a new taxation.

Rural transportation is important for production agriculture as well as for residents who enjoy rural living in our county. We rely on the county road structures as robust arteries. 

A continuation of the mill levy will generate about 2.5 million dollars. If this fails, the county will have only $609,000 for its road and bridge repairs. The current mill levy is sufficient to supply men, materials and modern machinery for the roads. County dollars are spent wisely, and not used unnecessarily. We have our leadership to thank for this. 

I am encouraging voters in Traill County to approve this measure. It will be on the primary ballot which is June 14. Please vote yes on this!

Paul Hanson,


(Editor’s note: Hanson, a Democrat, is running for the state Senate from District 20.