Neil O. Nelson

It looks like my sand volleyball days are over.

No more playing in the sand.

Same with golf.

And horseshoes.

Wait a minute. Horseshoes might still be in the mix. Close counts in horseshoes.

However, my days of playing catch with my grandchildren could be over.

Bowling is questionable, so is recreational reading. Jogging but not running, I can still do.

But co-ed slow pitch softball is not advised.

“First base is that way, Bud.”

“Little to the left, back up, now to your right, the ball’s right above you. Glove up. Look up. Look out.”


Game announcer: “That’s a single to center field, folks. That was a catchable ball. I don’t know what’s wrong with our centerfielder, looks like he’s a blind man out there. That ball bounced right off the top of head.”

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