For the last four years I’ve had the great honor and responsibility of serving as your District 20 Legislator in the House of Representatives. 

While in office I became known among my colleagues as “The Innocent Legislator” due to my lack of knowledge of others’ personal affairs and political motivations, always wanting to see the best in people.

As I reflect upon the last four years, I am filled with a mixture of emotions. I’m proud of the bipartisan bills I passed and the legislation I worked on. I’m proud to serve with some of the smartest and most honorable people I’ve ever met.

I am, however, concerned about the state of the North Dakotan Republican party and how it’s influenced by big money.

I’m exceedingly frustrated by those who seek political power in service to themselves at the sacrifice of their communities.

Over the last several months we have seen many executive orders from the governor’s office be issued in response to the pandemic. 

Some of these orders were administrative in nature and others have impacted our daily lives. 

It is my firm position that executive orders that have impacted your daily life should be subject to representation and bills passed through the legislative process. Though the result may well be the same, our democratic integrity would remain intact.

In January the 67th legislative session will be underway with new representation. 

It is vitally important you reach out to our legislative delegation to express your concerns, opinions and appreciation for issues that face the legislature.

Keep our civil leaders in your thoughts and prayers. This session will be unlike any they’ve ever faced before and much is at stake.

Personally, I am working towards admittance into UND Law School for the fall of 2021 with the hope that someday in the future I can once again serve my community.

I will remain open to assist anyone I can in whatever capacity I am able.