Greetings from Bismarck; the 68th Legislative Assembly has begun. 

We started Tuesday with a State of the Tribes address and followed that with the State of the Judiciary. 

At 1 p.m. we gaveled in, and the governor gave his State of the State. In all cases advances have been made, but there is still work to be done on reservations and cases continue to climb. The top things outlined by the governor are workforce, tax relief, infrastructure and economic growth. We will continue our efforts to be a business-friendly state and make investments in our people.

Wednesday the various committees met, both policy and appropriations. Human Services heard seven bills. Among them, HB 1026 relates to the implementation of the behavioral health and acute psychiatric treatment recommendations that have been ongoing.

HB 1035 relates to the cross disability advisory council. HB 1036 pertains to the administration of temporary assistance to needy families.

HB 1051 relates to the powers and duties of the Department of Health and Human Services. Finance and Tax heard one bill, HB 1057, which had clarifying language on notices and additional defining language around snuff. 

On Thursday, the Ag Committee heard three bills. HB 1099 relates to weed seed forage inspection contracting.

HB 1100 adopts the latest federal meat inspection rules. HB 1101 relates to fee collection for brucellosis testing.

The Energy and Natural Resources committee had educational days on Thursday and Friday where they heard from the various departments that the committee covers.

The Ag Committee had an educational session on Friday, which benefited the new and returning members.

A presentation was given on the products that come out of a soybean processing facility. There have been 3 plants announced in ND in the past year. A similar report on ethanol facilities and what irrigation would mean to dry land corn production in ND.

Amber Boeshans with the ND Livestock Alliance gave an update on what modern day livestock facilities look like. These are highly managed and assets to the communities they locate in. We did a one-hour floor session where 10 bills passed and two failed to end the week.

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Mike Beltz

District 20 Representative


Jared Hagert

District 20 Representative