Community of Hillsboro,

 I am reaching out today to help clear up some miscommunication or information that may be going around. 

Each of you has or will receive a letter on the city letterhead that looks official. This is a City of Hillsboro project; the letter came from the city contractor installing the load control units for all our electrical customers.   

The units that are currently in need to be updated, as they were put in the 1980s. These new units will keep the rates for electricity lower at peak times which improves your overall cost. This project was implemented in 2014, and funding was set aside. This project does not and will not affect your electrical rate.  

Additionally, the letter came on outdated city letterhead. I apologize for that. Any new communications will have the correct information. It was an error on the part of the city, and I take responsibility for that.   

I have talked with the manager of this project, and we are working together to make sure that this goes as smoothly as possible and has minimal disruption to your typical day. I understand it has not been an easy time for many in our community. I am working for each of you and take seriously everything that is brought to my attention. My goal is to serve the community of Hillsboro and contribute to making this town better than when I took office.

Please feel to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend, and I wish everyone an opportunity to thank those veterans around us, those who have served and sacrificed much for us.    


Levi Reese,

Hillsboro City Commission President