Neil Nelson New

Neil Nelson

Real men wear plaid. 

And they watch the soaps. 

I really don’t care if they wear plaid or not, or if they wear flannel in the winter, stretch T-shirts in the summer or nothing at all. All I’m saying is, real men watch daytime television – soap operas, in particular. 

They’ll say differently, of course. The deal is, there’s nothing wrong with men watching the soaps – plaid-wearing real men, included. 

I confess. I’m a fan. I’ve been watching soap operas for 60 years, give or take. 

Hang me from the nearest light pole. Tie me down on the railroad tracks. Scorn me, humiliate me, embarrass me, torture me, but don’t take away my soap operas.   

My favorite is Bold and the Beautiful. My favorite before B&B was As the World Turns. Sadly, ATWT is no longer with us. Dr. Bob Hughes and friends were taken off the air in 2010. 

ATWT was the longest running soap opera; it was also the first 30-minute TV soap. Other popular soaps no longer with us include The Guiding Light, The Edge of Night, One Life to Live and All My Children. 

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