Dear Editor:

Tonight as we were in our home someone decided that they needed to enter our yard and steal our Biden/Harris election sign. 

We followed your tracks; you parked on the east side of our house on the county road, came through the ditch and took the sign. We got a pretty good chuckle, though, when we saw that you sunk in the fresh mud and water in the bottom of the ditch when you ran away. 

Although it is really sad that the country has turned to stuff like this, do you really think that by stealing our election sign it is going to be a boost or vote-getter for the other party? 

I think that ship has already sailed. Or could I be wrong, maybe you are for Biden/Harris and really wanted a sign for your yard. Yes, that’s it! 

And on Election Day you can stand proud knowing that you did the right thing for your country and (if you’re old enough) you can vote Biden/Harris. 

And we thank you.

Dave Sather


(Sather is a member of the Hillsboro City Commission.)