Hillsboro City Commission

City leaders in Hillsboro have asked their attorney to investigate whether legal action can be taken against the city’s former real estate appraiser for “not doing (her) job.”

City Commissioner Levi Reese blasted former assessor Janet Meyer and The Meyer Group of Portland, N.D., during Hillsboro’s annual tax equalization hearing Monday.

After hearing from Traill County tax officials that a number of Hillsboro residents had been notified that the assessed values of their homes increased 3 percent to 6,000 percent in 2022, Reese took aim at those responsible for the city’s past tax assessments.

“The Meyer Group put us in a hard situation,” Reese said. “We had homes that had their assessed values increase 6,000 percent ... and a lot in the 400 to 500 percent range. That shows The Meyer Group didn’t do their job. This is a huge problem.”

Reese took the unusual step of physically separating himself from fellow city commissioners and stood with audience members for a portion of Monday night’s tax hearing.

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