Kloe Ackerman and Jacob Miller

Hillsboro fifth-grader Kloe Ackerman, right, places a cross on the Lynn Spiering Memorial monument while Jacob Miller looks on at Riverside Cemetery in Hillsboro during Monday’s Memorial Day services.

Calie Lindseth challenged the crowd inside the Hillsboro Events Center to remember not only the fallen on Memorial Day, but also the service members who sacrificed their mental health for their country.

Soldiers fortunate enough to come home from fighting in wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq didn’t return home without their share of scars – even if they were not visible to everyone, she said.

“We have service members across this nation who are paying a debt every day,” said Lindseth, who serves as the women’s veterans coordinator for the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs.

“They didn’t leave Vietnam. They didn’t leave Germany. They didn’t leave Italy. They didn’t leave Iraq. The debt that we owe, that so many of us don’t pay, they pay every day.”

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