Mike and Denise Deck

Cruizin Cafe owners Denise and Mike Deck stand outside their new commercial food truck trailer that the couple recently purchased from Texas. The new trailer will make its debut later this month.

Mike and Denise Deck had a general idea about the ups and downs they’d face as first-time food truck owners before they opened Cruizin Cafe in Hillsboro a year and a half ago. But the couple has had their share of surprises since their debut March 23, 2020.

“The good surprise has been the response from the community. We’ve been blown away by their support,” Mike said. “The not-as-good surprise has been the rising cost of food” during the pandemic.

Another variable the Decks wish they’d known before opening includes how crowds could be thinned by wind, rain, biting flies and a baking summer sun that sends their clientele indoors.

“The heat really has an effect,” Mike said. “Who wants to eat a big meal when it’s 90 degrees outside?”

Despite the ever-changing weather, the Decks label their first 17 months in business a success.

But the food truck operators vow they’re not getting complacent.

The Decks recently purchased a new 20-foot commercial food trailer from a dealer in Texas that could replace their converted 1973 bread truck as Cruizin Cafe’s base of operations in mid-September.

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