Ali Kritzberger at 2022 prom

Hillsboro junior Ali Kritzberger speaks to the crowd at the school’s grand march Saturday, April 9, in the high school gym.

Hillsboro’s high school prom appears to have outgrown its high school.

Hillsboro High School Principal Terry Baesler told the Hillsboro School Board on April 14 that prom organizers have started mapping out changes for next year’s spring formal.

Topping the list of proposed alterations will be moving Hillsboro’s prom to a new venue – the Hillsboro Events Center, Baesler said.

“We had 48 couples – 96 kids – at this year’s prom. We are outgrowing our gymnasium,” he said. “So we are trying to move to the HEC next year.”

Parents and spectators were lined up for blocks outside Hillsboro High School waiting to get into the school’s prom Saturday, April 9.

After shuffling inside the school, crowds packed the bleachers on the west side of the high school gym and spilled out into the hallway prior to the prom’s grand march.

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