MAYVILLE – The MayPort-CG School Board may hold preliminary talks starting in July about shrinking the size of the nine-member board.

School Board President Marlana Knudson told board members Monday that Tuesday’s primary marked the third election in a row where the board has needed a write-in candidate to fill a seat on the board.

“Is it truly time to consider going with rural at-large seats or downsizing our board?” Knudson asked fellow school board members on Monday night. “I think we need to think about it.”

Superintendent Mike Bradner said the board’s nine elected members are the most allowed by law and include more members than other surrounding school districts.

MPCG’s nine elected seats include two representatives from rural Portland, one living in the city, two from Mayville and two more residing outside the city and a pair from Clifford and Galesburg.

Bradner said he believes MPCG changed the zones or boundaries of the seats 12 to 15 years ago to adjust to population trends and make sure areas had similar representation on the board.

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