Maura, golden retriever

Hillsboro High School teacher Levi Reese hopes to begin training Maura, a 9-week-old golden retriever, to become the school’s first therapy dog.

Levi Reese’s new teaching assistant made her debut at Hillsboro High School on Tuesday.

Despite not holding a college degree and never having been in a classroom before, Reese’s young protégé didn’t appear to start her first day on the job with a short leash.

She appeared to be connected to a normal-sized one.

Reese, Hillsboro’s vo-ag teacher, brought a 9-week-old golden retriever to school Tuesday and told the Hillsboro School Board that he’d like the puppy, Maura, to become the district’s first therapy dog.

Reese had been considering asking school officials in February 2020 about taking in a puppy that could be trained and certified to calm students and spend time with those suffering from emotional distress.

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