Hillsboro City Commission

Hillsboro city commissioners used Monday’s regular meeting more for discussion than for decision-making. 

The two-hour session focused on proposed ordinances as well as updating the city’s employee handbook.

In the end, the matters will be revisited at future meetings for final action. 

In response to a request from a local food truck operator, commissioners chose to create local rules for the portable businesses, which already are licensed by the state.

The reasoning behind the local approach was voiced by Commissioner Levi Reese: “So we know they are here and they’re collecting (city) sales tax.” 

Commissioners reviewed Ordinance No. 528 as drafted by attorney J.R. Strom, who completed the city’s wholesale ordinance revamp earlier this year.  

After lengthy discussion, commissioners hinted that the ordinance as written was better suited to a larger community and would require fine-tuning to fit Hillsboro.

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