The Hillsboro Economic Development Corp. will survey its members in January to hammer out its goals for 2021 and help determine where the organization should spend its marketing money.

Board members met Monday and debated whether HEDC should scale back its web presence after Hillsboro city officials announced they were making plans to introduce a new city website.

HEDC President Paula Suda said the volunteer group could keep its Facebook and Instagram pages intact but be less active on its webpage if city officials follow through with plans for a new website and take a more active role promoting the city.

HEDC has received $10,000 a year from the Hillsboro City Commission in recent years for marketing but could begin collecting as much as $80,000 a year through a recently approved half-cent sales tax.

The influx of cash could allow HEDC to focus on offering business loans and child care grants and allow city officials to take the lead marketing the city, she said.

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