Derrick Fehr

Derrick Fehr of Bismarck displays the wedding ring he lost at the Beehive Bar and Grill in 2003. The ring was returned to Fehr on Feb. 13 in Bismarck.

The Beehive, the Banner and Central Valley School Superintendent Jeremy Brandt helped a Bismarck man recover his wedding ring, which had been missing for almost 18 years.

The Banner published a story by editor Cole Short on Jan. 1 outlining the reopening of the Beehive Bar and Grill in Reynolds under new owners Jordan Adams, Brian Adams and Pete Thingelstad.

The business story informed readers on changes the trio made to the interior of the Reynolds hot spot, such as renovating the Beehive’s flooring, walls, ceiling tiles and the addition of new booths.

Jordan Adams told the paper he found a few surprises during the renovations, including the discovery of a wedding ring with the inscription “March 28, 1998.”

Brandt, a Banner subscriber, read the article and had a hunch he knew the owner of the ring.

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