Cara Mueller at 4-H Achievement Day

Hillsboro sixth-grader Cara Mueller shows a calf during the Traill County 4-H Achievement Day in June. The county’s 4-H clubs are seeing a boom in new memberships this year.

Less than five years ago, Traill County’s 4-H participation was struggling. 

With some families joining clubs in Steele County, the number of kids actively involved in Traill County 4-H hovered around 20.

However, thanks to renewed recruiting efforts, NDSU Extension agent Jill Murphy is looking at a boom in numbers across the county.

“It’s been building over time,” Murphy said. “We did a lot more posters in business places and a lot more reaching out in the school.

“This was one of our most successful summers for summer programming,” she added. “We had an end-of-year picnic and that brought in 90 people.”

Murphy and her office assistant, Katie Mueller, say two new 4-H clubs have sprung up in Traill County with nearly 50 kids expected to participate over the next nine months. 

Hillsboro’s new Hooves and Hearts club will join Mayville’s first-year Traill County Meadlowlarks chapter along with Buxton’s Generation II group. 

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