County Road 25 (copy)

A sugar beet truck drives along Traill County Road 25 during the Red River Valley’s beet harvest in October 2014. 

An anticipated injection of new federal aid could allow Grand Forks and Traill counties to pave a well-traveled section of County Road 25 in the next few years.

Corwyn Martin, Traill County’s road and bridge supervisor, told county commissioners Tuesday that he recently had extensive talks with Grand Forks County engineer Nick West about adding the paving of the county-line road to a list of upcoming projects that the counties submit to the state for review.

Martin said West believes the neighboring counties could be in line to collect a chunk of new federal money that could be used to pave County Road 25 east of Reynolds.

Both counties have spent at least $10,000 on calcium chloride to control dust on the gravel road prior to sugar beet harvest each of the past four years and split the cost of $100,000 in gravel applied to a 9-mile stretch of the roadway in 2019.

Penciling in the paving of County Road 25 to a program sheet required by the North Dakota Department of Transportation wouldn’t commit the counties to move forward with the road improvement plan, Martin said.

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