Region 2 athletics could see a shakeup in 2022-23.

The Hope-Page School Board on Wednesday voted 4-3 to seek a sports co-op with the Maple Valley School District in fall 2022, a move that would end Hope-Page’s 13-year sports co-op with Finley-Sharon.

In the wake of Wednesday’s decision, the Finley-Sharon School Board agreed Thursday to reach out to neighboring schools to see if a new sports co-op could be forged next year.

Finley-Sharon Superintendent Jeff Larson said the board asked him to engage in talks with two longtime Region 2 staples: Hatton-Northwood and MayPort-CG.

“We’re going to explore all of our options and visit with neighboring school districts to see what all of our options would be for moving forward next year,” Larson said.

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