Hillsboro City Commission

The Hillsboro City Commission agreed Monday to seek a grant from the North Dakota Department of Transportation to help pay for new sidewalks east and west of Exit 104 along Interstate 29.

Steve Swanson of AE2S, the city’s engineering firm, told city leaders that applying for the grant wouldn’t commit the city to paying for sidewalks along I-29 in two or three years.

However, the city could receive state funds through the former Safe Routes to School program to cover 80 percent of the cost to add sidewalks along a new pedestrian bridge that state officials are eyeing over the I-29 overpass between 2022 and 2024, Swanson said.

The Grand Forks survey and project manager said the state would cover roughly $160,000 of the $200,000 cost for new sidewalks east and west of the pedestrian bridge, which would be built with state and federal funds and not pinch the pockets of Hillsboro taxpayers.

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