Hillsboro High School mug

Hillsboro High School

The Hillsboro School Board on Tuesday approved a new two-year contract with the district’s teachers union after a single negotiating session this spring.

Superintendent Paula Suda said reps for the board and union needed only one sit-down session to hammer out the details of a new contract because the sides generally saw eye to eye.

“Both sides did a little giving and taking and the teachers went with (a salary) amount the board felt comfortable with,” Suda said Tuesday. “It worked out well.”

The agreement finalized Tuesday will provide Hillsboro teachers with a $1,050 increase in their annual base pay in 2021-22, bringing the starting pay for a first-year instructor to $45,000.

The contract will provide teachers with a $500 pay bump in year two and experience steps of $625 in both years of the deal for veteran employees.

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